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Set Your Intention — an  Watch App to keep track of your Mindful Minutes

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Similar to the concept of Activity rings for physical health, Set Your Intention makes it easy to monitor your mental well being. Simply set your daily Intention & keep track of your Mindful Minutes through Apple Health and the supported Complication.

You can use your preferred Meditation App — with support for Apple Health — on your iPhone or Watch and the carefully crafted App will visualise your progress.

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The App is built using Swift & SwiftUI, available for free on the  Watch Store and released as Open Source on Github!

iPhone,  Watch, iPad and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc. Intention was developed by Paul Weichhart. For inquiries please send an E-Mail to paul . weichhart @ me . com. The App asks for permission to access the Mindful Minutes stored in Apple Health. No Data or Usage is collected or tracked by the App or any 3rd Party. Disclaimer: The iPad currently doesn't support Apple Health