The education of Paul Weichhart

Write like nobody is reading

Doo — Wop That Thing

After reading Jeffrey Zeldman’s fantastic post „The love you make“, I wanted to spend more time on writing again. I shared my thoughts — mostly about music & photography — many years before, but lost the interest after all. Now I wanted to give it another shot. However, this time it’s all about digital adventures. After weighting the benefits & downsides of hosting my own blog on Github via Jekyll, getting a Ghost Blog, setting up a WordPress Blog or publishing on Medium, I picked the latter. I’m a huge fan of this platform & spend several hours each week reading articles on this site or the companion iOS App. Furthermore, everybody was raving about the great experience of publishing on here. I chose Jekyll (for good this time).

Write like nobody is reading

I find it very difficult to write. First, english isn’t my first language & second, I’m a really uncertain at choosing words & getting the grammar right. It takes me quite long to get Emails (even in my mother tongue), tweets or messages ready & out. So I hope this will improve over time. Another great benefit I hope to get of this endeavor of writing & publishing my thoughts & experience, is the resulting documentation of my own progress. So, what’s this all about? I narrowed the topics, I want to write about, down to lessons learned, current adventures & things I enjoy. I’m trying to write & publish articles about design & development on a regular basis — stuff like Photoshop, Web & iOS development, great books, helpful tools & so on…

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