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Introducing Set Your Intention

I’m happy to finally share more details about the project I have been working on over the last couple of months. This week I released the 1st Version of the standalone Watch App Set Your Intention on the App Store & open sourced the Code on GitHub.

Intention App Icon

Similar to the concept of Activity rings for physical health, Set Your Intention makes it easy to monitor your mental well being. Simply set your daily Intention & keep track of your Mindful Minutes through Apple Health and the supported circular Complication. You can use your preferred Meditation App — with support for Apple Health — on your iPhone or Watch and the App will visualise your progress.

With this project I wanted to get more insights on Apple Health, Combine, MVVM, SwiftUI & Watch development. I have also planned to introduce new features over the next couple of months & document the progress on my Blog. First I want to add more accessibility features like dynamic type, translations and labels. I will also look into refactoring some rough edges of the App by writing Tests first, since Apple added support for XCTest unit and UI tests with the release of Xcode 12.5. An update to my existing Posts about MVVM & SwiftUI Coordinators with examples from the App is also pending.

You can find more infos about the App on the Project Page or download the App on the App Store. Something to add or like to know? Drop me 280 characters on twitter @paulweichhart